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New Video Premiere: Six Reasons - Money Talk

Six Reasons Money Talk Music Video


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New Video Premiere: Six Reasons – Money Talk



Hailing from Watts, California, the passionate music created by Six Reasons is a direct reflection of the struggles he faced growing up. With no father around and a crack addicted mother, Six Reasons provided for himself by any means necessary. He slept on bus benches, robbed fast food joints, stole cars and sold drugs to survive. Baptism by fire either makes you or breaks you— it made Six Reasons. His name stems from the six reasons that motivate mankind:



I GOT THAT NEW SHIT!! I had the pleasure of working with some of the dopest in the game on this mixtape! "The S3X TAP3" COMING 2015! #SEXperts #goSUPAgo #coalition #youngcalifornia #theFRATERNITY #Dropsquad #BEDROOMBULLY FUCKSIXREASONS.COMJust left my meeting with the man himself Jimmy iovine GOD IS AMAZING!!! #Next #coalition#goSUPAgo #youngcalifornia #Dropsquad
I'm not allowed to be "too tired" ..or make excues...or let someone convince me "i can't" ..I'm not allowed to take a day off or say FCK IT! ...I have 2 ppl that depends on me EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY! I answer to THEM ...This is WHY I will not allow YOU to stand in my way! #justUS #T-GANGAt the GRAMMY next mixer with the legendary Ray Parker jr! Somebody once told me- "you're always right where ur SUPPOSE to be" #blessed #NEXT #goSUPAgo
Me and my kiddo! Love this lil girl! Happy 9th birthday beautiful!At one point the guy on the LEFT had more money and air play than the young man on the RIGHT! its not how u's how u FINISH! So all u corny M.fs eating right now-enjoy ur meal! Lol #Next #goSUPAgo #coalition #youngcalifornia I GOT THAT NEW SHIT!
At the SONS OF ANARCHY series wrap party... #Next #goSUPAgoSix ON!

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